The Korean Compact SUV – 2016 Hyundai Tucson



What do we expect from an SUV? One, we need it to be powerful. These kinds of cars are the ones that you bring in places where you might not expect something really nasty. Two, we definitely need it to be spacious.

A lot of times, the SUV is the family carrier, the car where friends are riding on the way from a party or an out of town trip. Three, we need it to be safe. With a lot of people in the backseat, we may never know. Besides, there are a lot of things that may happen on the road. Keeping safe is not just our concern – it is the concern of the manufacturer too. The good news is that the 2016 Hyundai Tucson offers more than that.


New Technology Developments

Hyundai seems to take their security checks to the next level with modern technology. We have to accept that there are really uneducated people who are using the roads. Most of the times, they can’t even move a finger to signal the other cars at the back.

The good thing about Hyundai is that they now have Lane Departure Warning technology. There is also an automatic Emergency Braking System filled with sensors for safety. These are just some of the new things that we can find in the new Tucson, not to mention the engine power, comfort, design and all those stuff which makes an SUV almost like a second home. There are also other carts by Hyundai that you would love to check out.


The New Muscle – 2016 Ford Mustang


Ford Mustang cars are the symbol of American engine glory. From classic cars to the drag racing type bodies Ford will provide them all. And by provide, we don’t just mean provide – we mean provide with quality that can outstand all the other competitors in the same field. Ford cars have won several racing competitions from NASCAR to Drift. Also, there is no denying that in each release, the improvement can definitely be seen and felt through the design and the roar of that classic engine. Maybe that kind of roaring sound is the trademark of every Ford car aside from the insignia and the quality of their cars from the classics to the new breed of beasts.


ford mustang 2016 interior2 - 06232016


The Mustang is an old name, but not necessarily ancient in performance and quality. Their newest breed, the 2016 Ford Mustang is the best evidence. It compiles all the skill and quality that you will expect from the name Ford. It also packs the outcomes of long scientific research applied to every piston movement. This is not a supercar, but with the right hands behind the wheel this car will leave anyone in the track to eat some dust. The power comes with a gas saving technology that Ford has been developing in the past few years. This is their testament proving that power does not necessarily come from the amount of gas. This is the commitment Ford is making with the quality and style of their American engine power. Reservations can now be made from authorized Ford dealers and stores using different payment methods.

2016 Honda HR-V Mugen – SUV’s with a Touch of F1

We all know Mugen, it is the company which supplied the parts for that epic 1991 formula 1 race. From that moment on, Mugen has been the first choice for amateur car enthusiasts for their car upgrades. Although they specialize in Honda products for their upgrades, they now have different varieties of aftermarket kits and tools for better driving experience.



We can safely say that Mugen is a rip-off of the official Honda company, but it is not, never owned by Honda. It is a supplier focusing on racing materials and kits. And now with the new 2016 Honda HR-V Mugen, we can now expect a better driving experience from an SUV.



Mugen and Honda’s Legacy

Honda’s utmost priority is safe driving. This is the reason why the new breed of CR-V is packed with security features that will allow anyone to use it with a lot of confidence and assurance. After all, owning a Honda comes with that kind of pride. Mugen on the other hand, is that name that you look for if you are after power. The good news is that no power is reduced just because it is an SUV. On top of that, the technology that runs through the engine is updated will fuel economy and emission control that will allow a guilt free trip. You can now carry that pride without having any criticisms from environmentalists and the local government. All you have to say, “I’m driving a Honda”. I think that solves a lot of problems, and saves a lot of conversations.