What to Expect from iPhone 7

It has become a tradition for the world to await the new iPhone release. This year, we are waiting for iPhone 7, which has received a lot of rumors with its features. Of course it will still carry that design that we love. The slick and stylish looking design will be there along with some changes in the software and the hardware.

iphone 7 concept 0626

We can safely expect that the new one will pack more power and style. There will also be some adjustments with the response to make it more fluid. Hopefully Apple will solve the problems that we encountered with the previous release. The battery problem and the battery pack proved to be a move with very different reactions from the users. There are also rumors surrounding the new iPhone that we still need to verify.


IPHONE 7 0626

Audio Jack

The audio jack was supposed to be totally revamped by Apple. However, in the recent interview with Apple Company in Japan, the jack will stay, but will be replaced with a high speed jack. They said it is something that will come out not only with Apple but also with the other companies who might utilize the technology.

It is rumored that the iPhone 7 will be released in the fourth quarter of the year. This means that reservations are probably being set right about now. iPhone will also release iPhone 7 Plus which might have more than what we expect from the previous news surrounding the product. We can safely expect better operating system with the release of iOS 10 and better quality with Sapphire Glass.


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