2016 Honda HR-V Mugen – SUV’s with a Touch of F1

We all know Mugen, it is the company which supplied the parts for that epic 1991 formula 1 race. From that moment on, Mugen has been the first choice for amateur car enthusiasts for their car upgrades. Although they specialize in Honda products for their upgrades, they now have different varieties of aftermarket kits and tools for better driving experience.



We can safely say that Mugen is a rip-off of the official Honda company, but it is not, never owned by Honda. It is a supplier focusing on racing materials and kits. And now with the new 2016 Honda HR-V Mugen, we can now expect a better driving experience from an SUV.



Mugen and Honda’s Legacy

Honda’s utmost priority is safe driving. This is the reason why the new breed of CR-V is packed with security features that will allow anyone to use it with a lot of confidence and assurance. After all, owning a Honda comes with that kind of pride. Mugen on the other hand, is that name that you look for if you are after power. The good news is that no power is reduced just because it is an SUV. On top of that, the technology that runs through the engine is updated will fuel economy and emission control that will allow a guilt free trip. You can now carry that pride without having any criticisms from environmentalists and the local government. All you have to say, “I’m driving a Honda”. I think that solves a lot of problems, and saves a lot of conversations.


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