The Benefits of Rearing Kids and Dogs

One fundamental part of families in many parts of the world is a pet. Pet dogs are common companions in the family that have been treated as one of the members of this basic unit in society. Having a pet dog entails different advantages in a child’s development as well as the family’s harmony.

pets and kids 1

Why Have a Pet Dog?

According to studies, pet relationships have beneficial effects on human relationships and health. In terms of child development, a pet dog can aid in the advancement of the following:


  • Sense of responsibility
  • Empathy
  • Communication skills
  • Nurturing Skills


pets and kids 2

In terms of health, a pet dog and other types of pet can help in the following areas:

For children ages 5 to 8, the development of more stable immune systems is stimulated.

  • Recovery from illness and injury is more comfortable.
  • The probability of developing allergic reactions to animals is reduced if the child is introduced and exposed to a pet during his first year of life.
  • Children are stimulated to be more active in their lifestyle.
  • Parents have lower risk for cardiovascular diseases.
  • Parents tend to have fewer complaints on minor sickness.

While there are several health benefits to simultaneously rearing kids and dogs, parents must acknowledge the fact that their family can also face health risks from their pet dog. It is possible to contract diseases from pet dogs and any pet for that matter if they are not groomed properly and if their food is not appropriately stored and prepared. Additionally, there are also injury risks for dog bites. Thus, it is important to balance the benefits and risks when having a pet dog.


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