Discover the Best Places to Visit in the Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago rich in natural resources and beautiful spots where you can unwind from your stressful routine at home or at work. Previously home to 7, 100 islands, an addition of over 400 islands has recently been discovered. This means more wonderful places to explore for locals and foreigners alike.

Which Places Should You Visit in the Philippines?

The Philippines is a wealthy country when it comes to history, culture, and natural resources. Here are the following places you can visit depending on what your tourist preferences are:

manila 03012016

  • Manila

Manila is the capital of the Philippines. This is home to a lot of the modern buildings and structures in the country. You can also find historical places here such as the Rizal Park where the monument of the world-renowned National Hero is erected.


boracay 03012016

  • Boracay

This is one of the famous tourist spots in the Philippines. The Boracay Beach is where you will find fine, pearly white sand suitable for a stroll along the bay. Many tourists express that this is the best place to visit in the Philippines for the nightlife it offers including other activities such as parasailing, scuba diving, and kitesurfing.


bohol 03012016

  • Bohol

Bohol is famous for its Chocolate Hills. The province is also known as a suitable location for scuba diving.


baguio 03012016

  • Baguio

The climate in Baguio City is comparable to temperate regions in other parts of the world. There are so many locations such as parks to explore in this city. It is best to visit Baguio during the Panagbenga Festival in February where there is a parade of beautiful flowers on the streets.


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