Become a Clan Member And Feel The Excitement


Free to download games using Android or Apple software in electronic devices have become extremely popular. One of these games is Clash of Clans which had continuously increased its players since their initial release in 2012. In Google play alone, more than 11 million people rated it 5 stars. Children and even adults are playing this game with great gusto and exhilaration with the growing of their clans and fighting to reach the top ranks. For others, the fun starts when the group of players battle out with other clans to collect trophies, gather loot and prestige.



To be able to join a clan, a player must first repair the clan castle that will cost the player 10,000 gold. This also enables the player to create a clan. The status of the clan should be ‘anyone can join’, it means it open. If the status is ‘invite only’, there will be a request to the leader to accept. Some leaders or co-leaders may send invitations as well. The global chat would also be a way to see which clans are recruiting. There are clans who put in trophy requirements that range from 0 to 4,200 trophies before anyone could join, this enables them to enlist an active player that would be useful to clan wars.coc1

This game has brought together people, young and old. With the limit of 50 members (including the leader), there would already be a number of players who could strategize, assist other players with additional troops and just plain old socialize.


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